Community comes first, especially in trying times. That's what we believe and we are challenging everyone to commit nineteen days to performing one simple act of community each day. It's simple to participate. Join and login each day describing what you accomplished.

How to Participate

It's easy to find one simple thing to do each day to better our community—help a homeless person, pick up trash along the path you walk each day, or honor a vet by writing a letter or visiting a grave, to name but a few. Keep a journal here on the site of what you did each day. You can keep it private or share with the rest of the world. Your choice.

Why 'Hey, 19'

Wes Love (retired Marine) has spent decades honoring our fallen troops throughout Colorado. All too frequently, he listens to stories of nineteen year olds who lost their lives in service to this country. Also, it is in reference to the 1980 song by Steely Dan.

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