Be a Generous Giver

Today I offered our trampoline to a young family looking to buy one.  We have been very blessed over the years and our girls are grown. So I offered it for free for them.

So many smiles when they came to pick it up. I was talking to the young girl, maybe 6-7 years old, she was very sweet and fun to talk to.  It was refreshing talking with her and seeing how she sees things and thinks in such an innocent way.  I really miss these types of conversations. 

I told her mom that I have a beautiful purple bed set and room decor, that my daughter had parted with. However, I wasn't ready to part with it because it held so many great memories from when she was this young. So I asked the mom if I could pass it along to her daughter, and she said yes, she would love it.  ❤

These simple acts of kindness helps not only the person that is recieving the kindness, but it also helps the person giving.

I am thankful I had this opportunity to share and give to a family I did not know. 17:16:10

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