Free gas for health care workers. Featured on CBS. Watch the movie.

Nurses and other health care workers were treated to free gas on Saturday in Aurora. Tailgate Tavern & Grill teamed up with Costco and Office Depot/OfficeMax for the event.

“It’s really amazing. It’s great to feel the support from the community. Going to work everyday is scary facing the unknown. It’s very much appreciated. It’s very heartwarming,” said one health care worker.

Organizers say the event was dedicated to the memory of Aurora veterans who were killed in action in the Iraqi and Afgh . . . Read on »

Greetings! Today's leg of the Hey19 Country First Challenge encourages everyone to buy/wear made in America products. The longest journey begins with the first step.......if there was ever a time to stand up for our country and bring jobs back to America that time is now! Support small local businesses and please by made in America products.......Hey19 Country First Challenge ends next Wednesday June 10th and we hope to see you all at the Tailgate.

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T-shirts can be purchased at Tailgate in Parker.

Hey, 19 t-shirts for sale

Tailgate Tavern and Grill
19552 E. Mainstreet
Parker, CO 80138

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You can create your own, or follow us and lend a hand. Either way, it enriches our community.

The Challenge

Day 1 (May 23) 8am - 10am - Trash Pick Up (O’Brien’s Park - Parker)

Day 2 (May 24) 9am - 11am - Let Them Eat Cake (Tailgate, Parker), take some cake to someone to celebrate their birthday month.

Day 3 (May 25) 8am - 10am - Ring the Bell - Honoring Coloradans lost to Covid 19 (Mainstreet Parker)

Day 4 (May 26) When Convenient - Donate your Blood to the nearest Blood Bank

Day 5 (May 27) Business Ho . . . Read on »

Today I participated in a Teacher Parade with colleagues! Was so much fun and emotional. I loved it and I know the parents and students did too. Was amazing!!

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Today I offered our trampoline to a young family looking to buy one.  We have been very blessed over the years and our girls are grown. So I offered it for free for them.

So many smiles when they came to pick it up. I was talking to the young girl, maybe 6-7 years old, she was very sweet and fun to talk to.  It was refreshing talking with her and seeing how she sees things and thinks in such an innocent way.  I really miss these types of conversations. 

I told her mom that I have a beautiful purple bed set and room decor, that my daughter had parted with. However, I wasn't r . . . Read on »

Today I was honored to go to Fort Logan with Tony and Jack.

Tony goes around to different tombstones including my girl's grandfather and puts a flower a flag and a poster that says thank you for your service. A picture is taken and then sent to the families so they know their loved ones are never forgotten. This made my heart smile so Big thank you so much for letting me be part of this.❤

#Hey19cfc #loveall #lovewins ❤


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Today we gave. We gave, we hurt, we mourned. Families with little, begging for hope. We gave, we mourned we hurt. They give everything with nothing in return. People you pass by without a second thought. The ones who keep you going that you have now lost. 
we give, we hurt, we mourn. 

Giving to those in need is required for those who gave us a need. 
Day one. The people on the street, we gave for hope they will recover. Tomorrow we clean. 

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