Help Us Combat The Wildfires In California

Help us fight the fires in California

Greetings! Let's fill this bad boy up! Since Hurricane Harvey, Wes and I have loaded up and driven 15 trucks throughout our country. Bri Rock, of Parker PD, is reaching out to her counterpart in San Bernardino County Police Departments to determine our next delivery. The El Dorado Fire is one of many fires burning in Califonia. We plan on leaving the 2nd week of October.

Because of Covid-19 we are limited in what we can take. But there is a wide enough range of items to make a huge difference in the lives of people impacted by the fires. The following items are permitted:

  • Diapers
  • dog food/pet supplies
  • bicycles
  • personal hygiene items
  • food
  • gift cards

This event is sponsored by Second Chance Bicycle Shop, Tailgate and several local businesses. The truck will be parked at Second Chance, Tailgate and one or two more places so people can drop off supplies.

More info to follow once we get the delivery date set.

I'm not a scorekeeper so when the local tv stations asked if we could put a figure on supplies we have delivered I said a conservative estimate is $3.5 million. We have over 200,000 servicemen and women overseas serving other countries, some may not come home. We do these events to honor all those who made the ultimate sacrifice from Colorado. Check out pictures from some of our previous trips.

Check back soon for details on how you can help

Help us fight the fires in California

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